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Regular chiropractic care can help patients of all ages to maintain good health and wellbeing. The professional team at Philadelphia Chiropractic provide family wellness chiropractic adjustments to Old City Philadelphia residents of all ages including pregnant women and children.

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My first thought after my initial appointment with Dr Don was “you want me to come how many times a week!?!” - but I did it. Slowly over the first few weeks my sleep improved and just that made me feel better. I noticed within the first 3 months with improved sleep, my workouts improved. I felt better, so I was more consistent with my weight routine and running. That resulted in even better sleep, better eating and better workouts. After 6 months I noticed my running times had improved. By about month 7 I had taken about 1 minute/mile off my 5K run. Well, it’s about 10 months now – I completed the Rocky Balboa 10 mile run – shaved 40 seconds off per mile (vs 5 years ago) and came in 1 st in my age group! Thanks Dr Don!
-Laura B.