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Meet Dr. Donald Rocklage

Let’s meet Dr. Don Rocklage … At the age of 24, fresh out of college and he started having elbow pain from working out. He consulted orthopedic doctors who, of course, recommended surgery. This didn’t sound like available option to our Dr. Don so he consulted a chiropractor (at his mom’s recommendation) and had very good results. Within 3 or 4 weeks the pain was gone and he could again work out …and the rest is history!! He enrolled in Parker college, graduated in Dec 2005 and began a new phase of his life! He assisted in various chiropractic offices in the Philadelphia area and also the northeast coast of Australia where he donated time helping the Aboriginal people. He opened Philadelphia Chiropractic in October 2011. He’s a talented practitioner and an avid proponent of chiropractic. Dr. Don is an international speaker on health and wellness, volunteers his skills at various charitable organizations and in 2012 did a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to help bring chiropractic to the poorer areas there. He also teaches adjusting seminars at several chiropractic colleges. To sum up, you can’t find a better chiropractor than Dr. Don!

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